Founded:  2010

Founder: John Mohnickey


We would like to thank those who have joined in to support our cause. Those who have become mentors to our youth and teaching the message of mutual Respect ,Compassion and Love.

proud Christian based                             non-profit.

      In GOD'S eyes...


Recent Projects

WE are #alllivesmatter


We have been working to raise awareness for-

Breast Cancer

Food Bank Programs

Pancreatic Cancer

Supporting Our First Responders --  visit our web site  www.alllivesmatter.blue

​Pro Life -  Knights of Columbus

Prostate Cancer


Deescalation training in conflict --  visit our web site  www.alllivesmatter.blue

Water for Flint Mich.


Meeting with GOP Presidential Candidates /staffers - Feb 2016

**Sen.Ted Cruz  who promised to come out ans support Law Enforcement-- Thank Sen. Cruz for keeping your promise and support Law Enforcement in your closing statements in each of the last two debates.

**Pres. Trump Promised to come out and support  "All Lives Matter" - Thank you Pres. Trump for keeping you promise and also for inviting "All Lives Matter" to you rally in Orlando Florida.

We had an opportunity to meet 10,000 people and spread the message of Respect, ,Compassion,Love and Unity . We handed out flyers- " In the eyes of Jesus Christ ... All Lives Matter"

Water for flint- January 2016   

We were in Flint Michigan and delivered  7,500 bottles of water for First Responder's to deliver to city residents, CNN found out and Walmart of our delivery and they responded by donating 250,000 bottles of water. Thanks to them for their help.

Chicago Deescalation of the Miracle Mile- December 2015

We were in Chicago two weekends in a row during the protest and met with protester sharing our message of unity and change , rather than division and aggression. We focused the Leaders messages into a positive one and the dis banded.

Delivering Turkey dinners for families at home- November 2015

We delivered meals to families in need serving over 1,000 .

 Oktoberfest 2016
We had the opportunity to meet hundreds of supporters , along with community leaders, police men and women, fire fighters, local community merchants who are showing support by posting All Lives Matter signs in their shop windows


#blacklivesmatter and #policelivesmatter clashed with us as a unifying presence to de escalate the confrontation - "   through the eyes of God All Lives Matter"

Harris county rally

​Launched our new national uniting tag line " Through the eyes of Law Enforcement what you see is....  All Lives Matter".                                                                 as seen on  www.alllivesmatter.blue

Fund raiser for officer Goforth   the nifty fifty.

We, through cash donations,  wristband and tee shirt sales  along with a great opportunity to show respect and honor for one who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

What We’re Doing