The Lives We Impact

Nationally we are bringing our communities together and unifying

Where there are false narritives we will put them to rest. Where there is hunger we will help feed. Where there is separation we will come together. Where their are questions as a community we will help answer them.   

 But we need your help, be a mentor to stop division and promote unity through one positive message........​ 

Racial division will not win!



Veterans  We support you



Our Misson

ALL LIVES MATTER          Food bank Donations 

Hunger  will not win!

May be a family member, a co worker, a fellow student, a friend, a neighbor, a first responder,  someone who is in desperate need, a passer bye on the street,a clergy member ,a teacher or a parent who is re inspired  by our message  to mentor. And you-- the next to make a difference in some one else's LIFE.

We’re fortunate today to be able to  come together and see that

All Lives Matter. Our believe is not based on race, social-economic status, religious creed, political affiliations or nationality but on the basic human dignity that lies with in each one of us.....   that ......



  • Promoting community awareness-shoes on the ground and in the media.
  • Education programs see our de escalation programs for Law Enforcement and the community.
  • We have been Opening Lines of communication nationally.
  • Donations : Cancer research/food banks/Clothing
  • Providing community support when disaster strikes

First Responders   We support you

​​Pro Life  support

Through our eyes !

A Proud Christian based 


  In GOD'S eyes...  


Cancer will not win!